Debt reunification: a solution against interests.

You have probably heard of debt reunification. However, you may not know what it is. With the intention of clarifying a little more about this point, from Good Lender we have proposed to answer all your questions in this article. It is because our vocation is to help more and more families, companies and individuals

Low Interest Loans – How To Get Them?

Low-interest loans: something that everyone wants and with some experience you also know where to look. Almost everyone will have to take out a loan in the course of their life. If you are dealing with this topic for the first time, you are somewhat upset – especially when it comes to the terms of

Special Loans – finance your projects

In addition to normal loans, there are also loans of a special kind that are not accessible to everyone – just in certain situations or for certain people. As is well known, there are many types of credit that are issued by banks: overdraft or consumer credit are just two examples in a series of

Repayment of the loan no longer possible

If a loan can no longer be repaid, you can quickly find yourself in a precarious and uncomfortable situation. Taking out a loan is no longer a problem for many people. It is also common for several loans to be taken out, perhaps not at the same time, but in quick succession after the first

Interest-free loan: is there such a thing?

An interest-free loan is a dream for every borrower. They actually exist, but not from a bank. A loan is not always only necessary to buy a car or to make even larger purchases. Rather, it is now the case that even small things are financed more through loans. Especially when it comes to the household

Investment credit as a promotional loan

Investment loans are common when an expansion of the company wants to be financed. We present the investment loan and show why it should be applied for as a promotional loan. An investment loan is particularly requested by companies. Companies planning to grow their business. Equity is usually not sufficient to carry out this project

Foreign credit or domestic credit

A loan from abroad attracts with good conditions: where are the advantages over a domestic loan? Many inquiries regarding loans are based on taking out loans from abroad. The offers from abroad are very numerous and for German borrowers they often represent the alternative to domestic loans, not least because foreign loans often offer an

Interest Rate Comparison – Long & Short Credit Term

The interest rate depends, among other things, on the term and the repayment rates. We explain when, how and why a favorable interest rate is spent. It will probably be able to do this every time, because money may become a bit scarce, but it is urgently needed to make a purchase, for example. In